Provida Family Medicine

Toddlers & Kids Behavioral Health Evaluations

Provida Family Medicine offers all toddlers and children a behavioral health evaluation when in for a visit. These evaluations are preformed by a a highly-trained doctor on our staff and allow us to better understand and detail any outlying behavioral difficulties the toddler or child may be experiencing. Your doctor can then make an accurate diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan.

At Provida, we work to include parents or care givers in every step of a child’s healthcare, and are happy to answer any questions or concerns about behavioral health evaluations.


Autism Screening

Along with behavioral health evaluations, Provida Family Medicine also offers autism screening for children. 

There is no medical or blood test which can determine if a toddler or child has autism. A provider will examine a toddler’s developmental history, as well as do a physical exam where they will look for signs of autism. Children can be screened for autism as early as eighteen months at a wellness visit.

If you have any questions for your primary physician at Provida about autism or autism screenings, please schedule and appointment today.

Speech Development

Monitoring the development of your child’s speech is an important part of wellness visits at Provida Family Medicine. Babbling and cooing is the beginning of your child’s speech development. From birth to about five months, parents should encourage a newborn to start making these noises by singing, speaking, and reading to their baby while making eye contact.

From five to eleven months, your child will start to babble sounds without meaning and respond to basic words like “no” and “yes”. From twelve to twenty-seven months, your child will begin building their vocabulary, and by two to three years, their speech will start to become more accurate and understandable.

Hearing is an essential part of proper speech and language development. Hearing problems may be a factor as to why an child is not responding to sounds or developing their language skills. If you believe your child is experiencing hearing problems, please bring in your child to Provida Family Medicine for an ear evaluation.

ADHD & ADD Screening

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Attention-deficit disorder (ADD) are chronic conditions that cause a child difficulty paying attention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

ADHD can cause a child to have trouble focusing and behaving, and can persist into adulthood. ADD is a form of ADHD and doesn’t involve the constant movement and fidgeting brought about with ADHD.

Although these conditions are not life-threatening in anyway, ADHD and ADD can make it difficult for your child to succeed in school. At Provida Family Medicine, your primary care partner can take steps to examine and diagnose your child in order to create a treatment plan to set up your child for a lifetime of success.