Provida Family Medicine

Children & Adolescents Specialty Services

At Provida Family Medicine, we know children and teens require different services to meet their unique medical needs. That’s why we offer Children & Adolescents Specialty Services not found at a traditional medical office. It’s our part of our goal to give our young patients top-quality care.

Children & Adolescents Specialty Services


Provida offers patients comprehensive skin exams and skin cancer screenings. Kids and teens spend a lot of time in the sun, be it playing outside or participating in sports. Proper sun protection is always advised, but dermatological exams can help make sure your child’s skin is healthy.

Dermatology exams can also track the development of moles, birthmarks, and rashes, and offer individualized treatment plans to monitor and care for any skin conditions.

Sexual Health & Counseling

Adolescent sexual health is incredibly important, and Provida’s highly trained medical team are trained to provide your teens with the information they need as they reach this stage in their development. 

Our staff will answer the questions your teen has in a safe and comfortable environment and offer counseling, health screenings, and other educational resources.

Behavioral and Mental Health Evaluations

Provida Family Medicine offers all children and teens behavioral health evaluations. These evaluations are performed by a highly-trained doctor on our staff and allow us to better understand and detail any outlying behavioral difficulties a patient may be experiencing. Your doctor can then make an accurate diagnosis and create an individualized treatment plan and counseling.

At Provida, we work to include parents or care givers in every step of a child or teen’s healthcare, and are happy to answer any questions or concerns about behavioral health evaluations.


Behavioral and Mental Health Evaluations Available: