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Rosalva Acosta, P.A.-C.

Rosalva Acosta, P.A.-C., graduated in 1998 from California State University, Fresno with a degree in biology with emphasis in physiology, and finished her PA Program in 2001 at Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona with Physician Assistant Certification. She maintains her Physician Assistant Certification through NCCPA (National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants) continuously since 2001.

She began working at Provida in January 2002, which was her first job out of PA school and has remained at Provida for almost 20 years. Rosalva believes that a medical provider should possess compassion, be caring, and be invested in the care of their patients. Communication and trust is what she strives to build with all of her patients.

Rosalva believes that dialogue is the the most important part of every visit. A patient must feel heard and feel that they are a part of the decisions made in their medical care. She does her best to explain diagnoses, results, and what a patient can expect in their future treatment. This communication helps to empower and motivate patients to engage and take charge of their health care. She enjoys family practice because of how she gets to know patients and their families. She has treated patients as babies and continues to treat them as adults. She knows their parents, grandparents, and has met their children.

As a child, she would accompany her parents to doctors appointments and serve as their translator to get their medical needs met. Rosalva went into medicine because she wanted to help people like her parents. Her parents were Spanish speaking immigrants from Mexico.

These experiences are what drives her to care for patients like she would her own family. Rosalva was born and raised in California, that is where she completed her college education and PA schooling and training. She believes that primary care providers are key in guiding patients through treatments and evaluation of medical illness but more importantly regarding screening and preventive healthcare. Patients often seek medical care only when they are sick, but don’t know about or delay in preventive care services.

She has lived in Illinois since 2001, as the love for her job and patients has kept her here longer than initially anticipated. She enjoys traveling to the west coast to visit family as often as she can, and she is married and has three children and one cat. She enjoys spending as much time with her kids as possible, getting outdoors, exploring, and traveling every chance they get.

Rosalva Acosta, PAC

Rosalva Acosta, P.A.-C.