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Monica Gonzalez, RD LDN, CDCES

Monica Gonzalez, RD LDN, CDCES, is the registered dietician at Provida Family Medicine. She focuses on prediabetic care and has always had an interest in medical nutrition therapy for patients with diabetes, heart conditions, and those who need help with weight management.

With dual passions for helping others and a love of science, Monica became a dietician and nutritional educator to counsel those in her community on lifestyles, diet, and nutrition. Her philosophy is to encourage healthy eating habits during all stages of life to prevent chronic problems related to nutrition.

Monica has been working in healthcare for twenty-one years and has been with Provida Family Medicine for four years. She wanted to be a part of the team after seeing Provida’s great customer service, and since her primary language is Spanish, she felt comfortable working with the Hispanic communities Provida serves, as well as Spanish-speaking patients with chronic conditions, especially diabetes. She also uses her cultural background to better relate to her patients and create the best care plans for each of them.

She attended the University of San Carlos de Guatemala and later the University of Loyola Chicago and received an education in preconception and pregnancy nutrition, infant and childhood nutrition, adult and childhood weight management, diabetes management, and cardiovascular nutrition. This education makes her especially qualified to care for all patients during each stage of life.

During her downtime, Monica enjoys learning to cook, as well as dancing and biking.

Susie A. Gonzalez

Monica Gonzalez, RD LDN, CDCES

  • Certified Diabetes Care and Educator Specialist by the state of Illinois.
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