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Megan Kahue, P.A.-C

Megan Kahue, P.A.-C believes it’s important that patients are heard and included in the medical decision-making process, and that a good provider-patient relationship is key to providing good medicine. Megan also believes that one of the key aspects of this relationship is being a good listener so that her patients feel empowered to change their lives for the better. Megan practices evidence-based medicine to provide top-notch care to her patients, encourages yearly screenings and physical exams to help prevent chronic health problems.

She has developed a compassion for under-served healthcare populations through her experience serving elderly patients in nursing homes as a nursing assistant in high school. She has always loved science, so becoming a PA-C was the perfect blend of science and service, and Megan felt like she could use her education for the good of others.

Megan believes family medicine is fun because providers see a wide variety of problems, get to do in-office procedures, and get to be involved in patient’s lives in a more personal way. She enjoys getting to know patients and empowering them to make changes in their lives for the benefit of their health and wellbeing.

As a graduate of Dominican University in River Forest, IL, she completed most of her clinical training in Chicago at various locations, including the HIV CORE Center where she developed a passion for treating various infectious diseases, especially STD testing, patient education, and treatment. Megan loves infectious diseases, especially STD treatment and patient education, including HIV/AIDS prevention, education, and screening. Megan also loves working with adolescents and young adults.

Megan has worked in healthcare for six years, including her time as a nursing assistant, and has been with Provida for two years. Before becoming a PA, she worked with elderly patients as a Lead Nursing Assistant and Medication Technician in memory care and assisted living. She completed her undergraduate degree at Clemson University in South Carolina which is where Megan was born and raised.

Her hobbies include traveling, spending time with her husband, Nathan, and their huge Newfoundland dog, Chewie, being outdoors biking, hiking, and camping. Megan also enjoys spending time in Hawaii with her husband’s family, hence her last name “Kahue” – a question she is asked frequently.

Megan Kahue P.A.-C

Megan Kahue, P.A.-C

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