Provida Family Medicine

Jadirh González

Jadirh González is a passionate healthcare professional dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. With a background in medicine and extensive experience in Chronic Care Management and health insurance, Jadirh provides a wealth of knowledge and empathy to his patients. As a part of the medical faculty, he has honed his skills and deepened his understanding of healthcare to better deliver compassionate and informed care to his patients.

Currently serving as the CCM Coordinator at Provida Family Medicine, Jadirh is committed to supporting patients in managing their chronic conditions and achieving optimal health. His dedication to patient care is matched by his love for literature. During his free time, he enjoys writing poems and reading novels, activities which all serve to enhance his empathy and perspective on patient care.

Jadirh is always available to assist patients, offering unwavering support and expertise to help them attain their best health.

Jadirh Gonzalez

Jadirh González